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Just posted a photo https://t.co/qzZrt0MkJo
Escarole is a great topping to many sandwiches. #goodbitter https://t.co/5U9DuAWlno
Plup plup plup plup plup @ Domenics Bakery and Deli https://t.co/o9LGE478Dk
Pasta e Fagioli !! Senza o con Cozze. https://t.co/L7brB46wF7
RT @Bourdain: Where’s the loud, vocal support for these women? Mostly a shameful silence https://t.co/vWc63nd7bU
Today at Domenics of Waltham; Veal D.O.P Panino, and Porchetta Panino #lunch #paninohttps://t.co/jwuOfLrNQ5
Bakers from Cambridge 1917 ... @ Domenics Bakery and Deli https://t.co/SDo81xFfUW
Today at Domenics of Waltham; Pollo Supremo Panini, and BBQ Panini. #delicious #lunch #dinnerhttps://t.co/6QQ0kGInnn
Today at Domenics of Waltham; Chicken Bacon Ranch Panino, and Bresaola Panino #Delicious… https://t.co/IYYpxeK3dD
Today at Domenics of Waltham; Roasted Coppa Panino, and Chicken Marsala Panino. #delicious… https://t.co/gUjvDGEYlf
Today at Domenics of Waltham; Parma V.S.O. Panino, and Veal Cutlet Broccoli Rabe with Sharp… https://t.co/iP8o3u2PrZ
[email protected] of Waltham; Sausage Peppers, Onions Panini, and Bresaola Panino. #delicious… https://t.co/CwBoZRaZox
@Bourdain You stepped into the real. Now you see yourself.
Today at Domenics of Waltham; Buffalo Chicken Panino, and Roasted Coppa Panino #delicious… https://t.co/DDNyaBpbWW