Food Musings

Friday, June 29th

Closed week of July 4th

We’ll be getting some much needed rest next week as we close from Sunday the 1st of July until Sunday the 8th of July. We’ll se you all on the 9th . Have a safe and healthy 4th!!!

Friday, May 25th

Closed Memorial Day Weekend

We will be closed Sat , Sun, and Mon for Memorial Day . Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 26th

Buffalo Chicken Panini

I it’s back. Buffalo chicken Panini with homemade buffalo sauce homemade peppercorn ranch and carrot and celery Giardineria.

Thursday, April 5th

Shrimp Po’ Boys and Zeppole

We have colossal shrimp po boys , with roasted pepper remoulade,dried tomatoes, and arugula. Thursday thru Saturday. we will also have our Zeppole for Friday an Saturday. Happy Easter !!

Friday, March 16th

Fried Calamari Panini

fried calamari panino w fennel, cubanelle peppers, remoulade. get here FAST !!!! won’t last. 8.95

Wednesday, March 14th

They’re Back !

The most authentic Zeppole available are being made at Domenics, now thru Easter!!!

Monday, January 30th

Buffalo Chicken Panini

Pats are in the Super Bowl !! to celebrate we’re making a buffalo chicken panino with our home made buffalo sauce, homemade buttermilk ranch, and home made celery carrot giadineria with lettuce and blue cheese if u like… this whole week!!! 7.99 sm 8.99 lg

Monday, October 17th


it’s back!! delicious Tuscan bean and veggie soup with savoy cabbage, Tuscan kale, leeks, beans, zucchini and 10 other vegetables. very hearty .

Friday, September 30th

Meatballs !!!!

meatballs being made from scratch . seriously good!! here every day of course.

Tuesday, September 27th

Chilean Empanadas

mamma making empanadas.

Today at Domenics, Roasted Coppa Panino and Veal Rabe Panino. #allday #Scratchmade #Domenics
This week at Domenic of Waltham; Monday, Veal, Broccoli Rabe Panino, and Roasted Coppa…
Today at Domenics of Waltham, Sausage Peppers Onions Panino #delicious #foodpics #sausage
Today at Domenics of Waltham, Veal D.O.P. Panino, and Bresaola Panino #panino #veal #naples
At Domenics of Waltham, Steak Gaucho Panino, and Porchetta Panino #instagood #panino
Getdoms today Torta Panino Speck Panino #walthammassachusetts #panino #instagood #delicious
Back in the 90's me and Zio Franco.
Today at Domenics of Waltham, Veal Tonnato Panino, and Parma V.S.O Panino #getdoms #delicious
At Domenics Waltham this week: Monday, Veal Tonnato Panino, and Parma V.S.O. Panino Tuesday,…
Today at Domenics of Waltham, Braised Beef Torta Panino #delicious #panino #getdoms @…
Breaking News!!! This just in, additional special today at Domenics of Waltham. Now serving…
Today at Domenics of Waltham; Fried Calamari Panino and Pollo Supremo Panino #getdoms…
Today at Domenics of Waltham; Chicken Marsala Panino, and Bresaola Panino. #bestfoodboston…
RT @Carlos4Waltham: Gilmore Playground is now open! Who wants to play the 1st #futsal game here?
Today at Domenics of Waltham; Sausage Broccoli Rabe Panino, and Speck Panino #getdoms…